Multi-Body Mechanics

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The mechanics solution in GT-SUITE is based on a formal 3-D multi-body dynamics formulation, capable of modeling any mechanical system.

Among the technical features and advantages are:

Physics features:

  • 3-D/2-D rigid and flexible-body MBD, 1-D translational and rotational element libraries
  • Specialized libraries for cranktrain, valvetrain, timing drives, transmission
  • Library for planar mechanism kinematics
  • Linear frequency-domain solution
  • 3-D and 2-D contacts and constraints, contact tribology
  • Flexible bodies : large-deformation non-linear FE, connectivity to rigid bodies
  • Flexible bodies : automatic (built-in) static and modal harmonic reduction
  • Tightly integrated with GT-SUITE 1-D flow and other physical domain solutions
  • Film hydrodynamics solution and elements (journal, slider, piston, thrust bearings, etc.)

Solution numerics and user productivity features:

  • Fast execution speed, superior stability
  • Dynamic memory, model size limited only by hardware
  • Sparse matrix (profile) optimization technology
  • Many speed-up features (circuit technology, fast 1-D solutions, 1D/2D, 2D-3D transition)
  • Choice of 7 ODE integrators (2 explicit, 5 implicit)
  • MBD models from 3-D CAD and auto-meshing for flexible bodies
  • 3-D animations, including 3-D CAD/FE representations

Broadly applicable to any mechanical system, and a wide variety of applications.  Easy integration into high-level system models, as well as into very detailed models suited for root cause investigations.