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Software OverviewWHAT IS GT-POWER?

GT-POWER is the industry standard engine performance simulation, used by all major engine manufacturers and vehicle OEMs. GT-POWER is used to predict engine performance quantities such as power, torque, airflow, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption, turbocharger performance and matching, and pumping losses, to name just a few.


Beyond basic performance predictions, GT-POWER includes physical models for extending the predictions to include cylinder and tailpipe-out emissions, intake and exhaust system acoustic characteristics (level and quality), in-cylinder and pipe/manifold structure temperature, measured cylinder pressure analysis, and control system modeling.

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GT-POWER is licensed as an all-inclusive package containing many advanced modeling features not found in other engine simulations. A full FE solver for in-cylinder temperature and heat flux distribution, as well as a complete, fully flexible, detailed chemical kinetics and aftertreatment library are just two of the many advanced modeling capabilities included with GT-POWER at no extra cost.

Advanced Features

  • Highly accurate, fully predictive, multi-pulse diesel combustion model
  • Tumble sensitive, turbulent SI combustion model
  • Complete chemical kinetics library
  • Vehicle model for integrated engine/vehicle simulations
  • Can co-simulate directly with Simulink, Converge, GT-CONVERGE, STAR, Fluent and other codes
  • Characterize component pressure drop and heat transfer with GT-CONVERGE, tailored to non 3D-CFD experts
  • Input variables may be specified as a map or functional dependency
  • Flexibility to study any valving concept, infinitely variable VVT and VVL, as well as cylinder deactivation concepts
  • Finite element solution of cylinder structural temperatures, useful for part load and dynamic operation
  • Advanced turbocharger features, such as overblown compressor modeling, surge prediction, reverse flow in turbines, pressure wave supercharging, advanced twin-scroll modeling, heat transfer in turbos and more
  • Port injection wall wetting
  • Capable of Real-Time execution
  • Plug-and-Play Engine Controllers: No need to calibrate. Exclusive to GT-SUITE. Examples include: Throttle Controller, Fuel Controller, EGR Controller, Wastegate Controller, Variable Geometry Turbine Controller

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Due to the realistic physics in GT-POWER, users can use the software within a traditional Testing Calibration process to enhance and augment the procedure. This includes the creation of calibration maps, controller strategies, and operation exploration.

GT-POWER allows users to study turbocharger performance at various ambient conditions (altitude, temperature, etc.) and understand the full system level impact on the engine. This is due to our industry leading turbine and compressor templates as well as our 1-D Navier-Stokes Solution.

With GT-POWER’s industry leading combustion models, users can study an engine’s sensitivity to knock and how to mitigate that through adjusting timing, fuel types, etc. This allows engineering firms to decrease the risk of damage to expensive prototype engines during development.

In GT-POWER a user is able to perform acoustic analysis of their engine. Users can perform Transmission Loss, Drive-by Noise, and even generate a sound file of how the engine might sound.

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GT-POWER Add-ons for Enhanced Simulation Capability

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