GT-3DMBD Machinery

Geartrain Analysis


Geartrain System Modeling WHAT IS GT-3DMBD MACHINERY?

GT-3DMBD Machinery allows analysis for NVH and durability/losses in automotive geartrain systems such as transmission, differential, xEV gearbox, timing and auxiliary drives. However, functionality is applicable to any machinery or machine subsystem such as wind turbine transmissions, marine drivelines, helicopters and power transmission and reduction systems in industrial machinery



GT-3DMBD Machinery is a set of modeling elements aimed at the dynamic modeling of machinery involving shafts, cylindrical and bevel gears, together with flexible bearing and gearbox structural models, to address powertrain loss and NVH issues with higher fidelity.

Advanced Features

  • Roller Bearing dynamic models
  • Advanced Gear Contact Models including micro-geometry
  • Gear Contact Tribology
  • Machinery Loss Models
  • Use of hydrodynamic models for Thrust Bearings and Bushings
  • Integration with Vehicle System
  • Multi-physics integration such Hydraulics or Electromagnetics (JMAG)
  • 3D UI for visually building model of a geartrain or drive system

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GT-3DMBD Machinery offers a comprehensive workflow for geartrain design. From the tooth design to the gear stress to the NVH analysis, GT-3DMBD Machinery allows the engineer to study all aspects of the geartrain.

With GT-3DMBD Machinery’s advanced gear contact models, a user is able to model the stresses within many gear designs. This allows the engineer to have a better designed geartrain that is more reliable and higher performing.

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