A Web Interface to GT-SUITE

Parameters being modified in GT-Play and simulation submitted for execution to distributed computing cluster.

Democratize Simulation WHAT IS GT-PLAY?

GT-Play is Gamma Technologies’ next-generation web application platform for Model Based Engineering across an entire organization.

GT-Play enables users of varying experience levels to access existing library of GT-SUITE simulation models directly through any web-connected devices, performing parameter sweeps or optimizations and post processing results without the need for expensive hardware or complex licensing solution.

Models are accessed through a modern interface while model developers are empowered with a new suite of tools for tailoring the model interface for publishing to GT-Play.

Once execution is completed, results are fetched from distributed computing, opened, and viewed. General plotting capabilities are also demonstrated.


GT-Play allows experienced GT-SUITE users to give convenient access to their existing simulation models by publishing them directly to the web, bypassing the need for the recipient to install the software or receive any training for it.

Model users simply need to user their credentials to log into a private portal where they are free to derive unique simulation runs from models made available to them by developers.

This is particularly handy for non-expert users who are either infrequent users of simulations software or have highly specialized needs for results such as test engineers, sales engineers, or managers.

Advanced Features

  • Publish existing GT-SUITE models directly to GT-Play with no modifications required!
  • Customize which parameters and output to make available to GT-Play users
  • Most parameter types are supported, formulas included
  • Access contents of reference objects for array or matrix data
  • Share models and their results with colleagues internally or via URL link!

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GT-Play allows model architects/developers to customize models with supplemental documentation (i.e., a model interaction summary, an Excel file that acts as a calculator, a PowerPoint with simulation objectives, etc.). They can apply minimum and maximum bounds to model parameters to support “realistic” simulations runs, and provide end-users with detailed parameter descriptions.

Test engineers can now utilize GT-SUITE Models to explore risky test areas, help with diagnosis, and troubleshoot issues in the field.

With GT-Play the sales team is able to use GT-SUITE models to communicate ROI-driven solutions and total cost of ownership (TCOs) breakdowns to prospective clients. An example could be justifying electric trucks to fleet owners and showing them the benefits of a physics model.

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