Training and Conference Recordings

GT is committed to providing the best possible training and customer support to all users of GT-SUITE. This includes making sure that GT users have the information they need to solve their simulation challenges. To help users get the most out of GT-SUITE, we offer a series of videos to help users with common challenges.

Click on the links below to view the videos for specific applications and topics.


GTTC  2022 (GT Technical Conference) Seminar Sessions

16 Intensive Application Seminars for GT Customers (must be a registered user on

Watch on-demand seminar sessions by GT experts from the GT Technical Conferences in October 2022. Topics include: Multiphysics Vehicle Optimization; Battery Modeling with GT-SUITE and GT-AutoLion; Thermal Management Systems; Fuel Cell System Modeling Advancements; Mechanical Dynamics and Predictive Friction; Designing and Deploying GT Models Beyond Today’s Experts; Use of GT-POWER-xRT for Hardware-, Software- and Model-in-the-Loop Development; Combustion Modeling in GT-POWER & ACT; 3D CFD for non-CFD Experts with GT-CONVERGE; Exhaust Aftertreatment, Reformers, and Chemistry Applications; Multiphysics Solutions for Detailed Pumps, Compressors and Expanders; Electric PowerTrain Modeling with GT-SUITE, GT-FEMAG, and GT-PowerForge; Thermal Management Components: Fast & Accurate 1D + 3D solution; Addressing NVH Challenges in Electrified Powertrains; Leveraging Optimization and Automation to Accelerate Innovation; Co-Simulation and XiL Solutions Across Applications


GTTC ’22 US & EUROPEAN Event Technical Customer Presentations

60+ Customer Presentation Recordings from the October 2022 GT Technical Conferences in the US and Europe (post event viewing for GTTC attendees only – must be registered on

Watch on-demand the replay of the majority of amazing technical presentations by GT customers. From thermal management to engine and battery sessions …the cutting-edge applications are worth replaying.

machine learning simulation

Design of Experiments and Machine Learning

16 On-Demand Training Videos

Watch on-demand training from our GT-SUITE optimization tools expert Ryan Dudgeon on design of experiments (DOE) and machine learning (specifically supervised regression) in the context of modeling and simulation.

Videos breakdown:

  • The first two videos provide background information about the benefits and motivations of the Design of Experiments (DOE) and machine learning
  • One video covers creating and running a DOE on a GT-SUITE model
  • The remaining videos demonstrate how to use the machine learning tool that is integrated in GT-POST

GT-POWER-xRT – Model Conversion

11 On-Demand Training Videos

Watch on-demand training from our GT-POWER-xRT Expert Daniel Schimmel on how to convert your GT-POWER model to be Real-Time capable while maintaining much of the model fidelity of the original mode. Perfect for HiL/MiL/SiL Applications.

GT Global Conference 2021

2020 GT Global Conference Seminars

15 On-Demand Conference Seminars

Watch on-demand Seminars form our GT Application Experts on a variety of domains from xEV Modeling, Battery Modeling, Real-Time Powertrain Modeling, Mechanical Modeling, and much more.

Living Room Learning Video Library

16 On-Demand Webinars

Watch on-demand webinars from our Living Room Learning Series, which covers a wide variety of topics including hydrogen mobility solutions, xEV Thermal Management System Design, DOE in GT-SUITE, and more.

Pumps and Compressors

15 On-Demand Videos

This training shows how to use GT-SUITE to model pumps and compressors. Topics include vane and gerotor pumps, scroll and screw compressors, port optimization, and more.

Aerospace Systems

7 On-Demand Videos

This training covers how to use GT-SUITE for common aerospace applicstions. Topics include modeling a water hammer, helium pressurization, electrified aircraft, and more.

Water Heater Modeling

4 On-Demand Videos

This training covers how to use GT-SUITE for to model water heats. Topics include electric water heater modeling, heat pump water heaters, and tankless water heaters.