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Gamma Technologies partners with academic institutions all around the world to support their academic research and teaching by offering highly discounted licenses

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Gamma Technologies partners with academic institutions to collaborate on research topics, support esteemed college professors, technical internships and offer resources for student competitions. We offer highly discounted academic versions of our products like our system simulation suite, GT-SUITE, or our electrochemical battery modeling software, GT-AutoLion, to institutions globally.

Academic institutions are a key player in the research sector. Developing and investigating new concepts and improving already existing technologies in many different application and areas in the scope of research projects, PhD or thesis projects is a challenging task

Our simulation software virtualizes the development of the technology of tomorrows world by shortening the development cycle

Many academic institutions are already using our simulation software as a support for lectures and workshops. It helps students to understand physical phenomena and can easily be used to learn the behavior of components and complete systems in all application areas

Our simulation software educates the engineers of tomorrow

Competitions drive students to top performances. Gamma Technologies supports student teams in student competitions like Formula Student, Moto Student, and many others. Our simulation software helps your team to design, develop and optimize your racing car and puts you in the pole position

Our simulation software helps your team to design, develop and optimize your racing car, rocket or electric drone and puts you in the pole position

Powerful simulation features and resources include

For fluid flow, mechanics, thermal, heat transfer, chemistry, electrical, magnetic and controls modeling of components and systems

To solve large systems containing thousands of components, with fast execution speed and robustness

Performs the full range of system analysis from the initial set of requirements, to detailed component design, to system integration, to control, HiL and calibration, and even to on-board CPU model based control

GT-SUITE offers simulations based on a  Navier-Stokes flow solution, which simultaneously solves conservation of mass, momentum, energy and species, and is uniquely stable

A system simulation tool at its core, strengthened by capability to perform full 3D analysis (CAD, FEA, CFD)

More than 1000 example models, tutorials and manuals that allow a quick and smooth start with the software

The GT-SUITE template library includes many pre-filled, ready-to-use components in all application areas

Our introduction and application trainings help you to get you up to speed with our software quickly

GT-SUITE offers an open platform for co-simulation with many other software like MATLAB/Simulink,…

Our experienced and highly trained support team is ready to help you with your simulation tasks




Integrated Multi-Physics Simulation



Thermal Battery Performance and Aging Simulation



Industry Leading Engine Simulation Software



Power Converter Design Software (to compare power converter solutions)




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