Power Generation Simulation




Gamma Technologies is the developer of GT-SUITE, the industry-leading Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) CAE system simulation software. GT-SUITE provides a comprehensive set of validated 0D/1D/3D multi-physics component libraries, which simulate the physics of fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, multi-body, structural, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. Utilizing combinations of these libraries, accurate models can be built of practically any system such as generators, diesel engines, turbine engines, mechanical drives, thermal management, exhaust heat recovery and many more. This makes GT-SUITE the ideal power system simulation software.

power generation simulation


for fluid flow, mechanics, thermal, heat transfer, chemistry, electrical, magnetic and controls modeling of components and systems

to solve large systems containing thousands of components, with fast execution speed and robustness

Performs the full range of system analysis from the initial set of requirements, to detailed component design, to system integration, to control, HiL and calibration, and even to on-board CPU model based control

GT-SUITE offers simulations based on a  Navier-Stokes flow solution, which simultaneously solves conservation of mass, momentum, energy and species, and is uniquely stable

A system simulation tool at its core, strengthened by capability to perform full 3D analysis (CAD, FEA, CFD)

GT-SUITE’s 3D-2D-1D Multi Body components are integrated with the surrounding multi-physics systems which provide their boundary conditions

Automatically creates flow, thermal and mechanical 1D and 3D models from 3D CAD solids

Includes a tool-neutral xLINK platform, for co-simulation with other widely-used CAE tools, such as Simulink, TAITherm, FEA, CFD and others

GT-SUITE offers a built-in DOE and optimization package, and offers links with leading third party optimization tools

GT-SUITE offers an exceptional value: runs models of complex integrated systems using just one license

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