Powertrain Cooling


GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for powertrain cooling analysis.  GT-SUITE models can be used to predict heat rejection to coolant, oil, and ambient, before engine hardware is available for physical testing.  These models utilize a built-in finite element cylinder structure allowing for more accurate predictions of heat flow.  These models may also be used to analyze heat distribution (warm-up) through the engine thermal structure during transient drive cycles.  Construction of GT-SUITE engine thermal models is enhanced by powerful 3D tools for converting CAD geometry into GT models.

Product Highlights

  • Easy-to-use parametric finite element cylinder structure
  • Cylinder structure transfers heat with combustion gas, coolant and oil circuit
  • Liquid circuits and thermal masses built semi-automatically from 3D CAD data
  • Flow solution is based on Navier-Stokes equations (robust and stable)
  • Always solves energy equation (thermo-hydraulics)
  • Stable even with zero flow and thus “standing water” presents no difficulty
  • Heat distribution model easy to integrate with full vehicle models for transient drive-cycle analysis

Advanced Features and Highlights

  • Accurately account for interactions between engine cooling system, thermal structure, and combustion chamber
  • Built-in FE solver predicts engine structure temperatures, steady state and transient
  • Predicts engine thermal balance by detailed modeling of conduction paths between all heat sources and sinks
  • Predicts heat rejection to coolant, oil and ambient
  • Study the potential fuel savings associated with concepts for more efficient warmup of engine fluids and structure
  • No extra cost, included in every GT-SUITE license