Route Simulation for Fleet Performance Prediction

Map navigation as shown in GT-RealDrive GUI
Map navigation as shown in GT-RealDrive GUI

Virtual Navigation AppWHAT IS GT-REALDRIVE?

GT-RealDrive is a navigation app for vehicle simulation fully integrated into GT-SUITE. It allows the user to create routes along public roads worldwide while considering:

  • Live or Historical Traffic Conditions
  • Time of Day & Day of the Week
  • Traffic Signals
  • Driver Preferences
  • Via Points

Robust Vehicle SimulationWHY USE GT-REALDRIVE

Robust products are a function of simulating as much of the operation space as possible. With GT-RealDrive, users can easily generate realistic routes for their system level model to operate on. This enables the virtual model to operate on a near infinite number of realistic routes. This ensures critical KPIs such as Range, Temperature, Emissions, etc. are never exceeded, resulting in a higher quality product!

Advanced Features

  • Includes traffic density, traffic signals and elevation to capture the start and stop dynamics of real driving
  • Accounts for changes in results depending on driver preferences
  • Truck routing mode accounts for height and weight restrictions
  • Front-load RDE certification with virtual Real Driving Emissions studies
  • Generate complex multi destination routes (e.g. hub & spoke)
  • Automate route generation with GT-Automation
  • Available in GT-Play

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GT-RealDrive can be used in conjunction with GT-SUITE to study any vehicle and driver configuration with regards to their behavior along a realistic driving route. This realistic route is beneficial compared to traditional test maneuvers or routes because it can cover more of the operating space and include realistic traffic density, signals, and elevation.

GT-RealDrive can be used with GT-AutoLion to predict aging of a vehicle over a realistic duty-cycle. This will allow engineers to better account for realistic use conditions and therefore a more accurate simulation.

GT-RealDrive sales demo

GT-RealDrive can be used as a sale demonstration tool to predict the performance of a vehicle driving the potential customer’s routes. It can be taken further to explore the vehicle configurations/options (e.g. larger battery capacity) and their impacts on the vehicle performance.

Contact us for more information about our products and services.

Reach out today!

Contact us for more information about our products and services.

Reach out today!