GT-xCHEM is an exhaust aftertreatment and chemical systems add-on for GT-SUITE with extensive capabilities for emissions reduction and clean technology solutions

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Exhaust Aftertreatment and Chemical Systems ModelingWHAT IS GT-xCHEM?

GT-xCHEM unifies the best-in-class capabilities of exothermia suite and GT-SUITE for exhaust aftertreatment and chemical systems solutions and delivers new capabilities essential for the development of regulatory compliant emissions systems. In addition, it supports expansion into chemical systems applications related to the mobility and stationary power industries such as fuel reformers for hydrogen fuel cells, CO2 capture and storage, and other chemical processing applications. 

GT-xCHEM for Aftertreatment Modeling

Exhaust Aftertreatment Modeling at its CoreGT-xCHEM FOR EXHAUST AFTERTREATMENT MODELING

GT-xCHEM builds upon a long tradition of exhaust aftertreatment modeling with GT-SUITE including the following highlights:

  • Predictive tailpipe emissions with or without integrating with engine, vehicle, controls, etc.
  • Design aftertreatment system components (catalyst sizing, washcoat loading, topologies, etc.)
  • Can be used for control system development for fuel dosing, urea injection, warmup strategies
  • Ideal for drive cycle simulations, real driving emissions (RDE), and real world emissions (route)
  • Highly flexible and intuitive user interface for reaction mechanism development
  • State-of-the-art mechanisms and validation results for many catalysts and particulate filters
  • Fast quasi-2D/3D modeling capability developed from the successful 1D solution
hydrogen fuel cell simulations

Research and Development for Future ApplicationsGT-xCHEM FOR CHEMICAL SYSTEMS MODELING

The reactor modeling capabilities of GT-xCHEM are adaptable to accommodate research and development of new clean technologies:

  • Fuel reformers and cracking catalysts for producing hydrogen for fuel cells and H2 ICEs
  • Synthesis of carbon neutral fuels
  • CO2 capture and storage

Advanced Features

In addition to standard exhaust aftertreatment, evaporative emissions, and reformer modeling features, GT-xCHEM offers the following new advanced features with the initial launch in V2023 Build 1.

Advanced Features Offered at Launch in v2023 Build 1:

  • Detailed Narrow and Wide Band Lambda (Oxygen) Sensors  
  • Detailed NOx Sensor 
  • Electrically Heated Catalyst (EHC) with electrodes on periphery 
  • 1D droplet tracking, evaporation, and impingement model for urea injection and fuel dosing
  • Structured mesh with symmetry option to reduce computation time


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