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Gamma Technologies Technical Conference (GTTC) events in Frankfurt, Germany, and Plymouth, Michigan will feature networking fun with GT staff and industry peers over coffee breaks or during a delicious lunch! Join us:

Register to Frankfurt, GERMANY | October 9-10th
Register to Detroit (Plymouth), MI, USA | October 17-18th
Register to Pune, INDIA | FEBRUARY 5-6th, 2024

Our GTTC 23/24 conferences will continue to feature dozens of exhilarating customer presentations, application-specific technical tracks, networking, seminars and so much more.

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Register for the IDAJ Symposium 2023 In-Person & Online!

IDAJ Co., LTD. is excited to host the 2023 IDAJ Symposium 2023 in person on November 10, 2023, at the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyo in Yokohama, Japan. Following the in-person conference, the online symposium will held from December 5-15th!

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GT-SUITE v2023.2 Release is Available!

We are pleased to share that GT-SUITE v2023.2 is now available! This build includes numerous robustness improvements across the software as well as security updates to libraries used by GT-SUITE.

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Morrow Batteries Partners with Gamma Technologies on the Virtualisation of Cell Development

Morrow Batteries (Morrow) partners with Gamma Technologies (GT), a leading multi-physics systems simulation software provider. GT’s industry-preferred electrochemical models will be used for physics-based digital twin simulations of Morrow’s battery cells.

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MTU Aero Engines Chooses GT-SUITE for Thermal Management Simulation

A leader in the quest for emissions-free aviation, MTU will leverage Gamma Technologies’ GT-SUITE for its novel Water-Enhanced Turbofan


Gamma Technologies (GT), a global leader and innovator in multi-physics system simulation software, is pleased to welcome MTU Aero Engines (MTU), a leader in the quest for emissions-free aviation, as one of its latest clients.

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MTU Aero Engines Chooses GT-SUITE for Thermal Management Simulation

Gamma Technologies and MAHLE Powertrain Enter a Strategic Partnership to Offer a Turnkey Service for Powertrain Engineering

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mahle powertrain gamma technologies

New Product Announcement: GT-xCHEM

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product, GT-xCHEM V2023, that powers innovations in new technologies targeted for cleaner emissions of next generation ICE vehicles.

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GT aftertreatment simulations

Gamma Technologies to Acquire FEMAG Software for Electric Machine Applications

WESTMONT, IL  NOVEMBER 17, 2022 | Gamma Technologies (GT), a global leader and innovator in integrated multi-physics system simulation software, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the FEMAG software portfolio, a leading finite element based, electromagnetic simulation solution for electric machines.

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Gamma Technologies acquires FEMAG

Robust Simulations for Electrification

From fuel cells to battery thermal runaway, Gamma Technologies is a leader in offering comprehensive, integrated simulations for all types of electric vehicles. As our customers innovate to meet  global emissions regulations and work to meet their net zero goals, we are ready with 1D and 3D solutions to speed their product development process.

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From automotive cabin comfort, engines, batteries to pump and compressors, Gamma Technologies offers state-of-the-art simulation software for engineering today…and tomorrow.

Simulations for mobility engineering and Beyond  MULTI-PHYSICS, INTEGRATED SYSTEMS FOR PRODUCT ENGINEERING

Since the late 90’s Gamma Technologies has offered robust engineering simulation capabilities. Using GT-SUITE, vehicle engineers are designing tomorrow’s vehicles today using our robust, integrated solutions.


Robust solutions for both electrified and internal combustion vehicles. From battery range prediction to engine combustion, Gamma Technologies offers integrated simulations for all stages of the vehicle design process.

Trucks & Commercial Vehicles

From internal combustion to electrified engines, Gamma Technologies offers comprehensive simulations solutions for on-highway trucks and commercial vehicles.

Off-Highway & Heavy Vehicles

Integrated simulations for off-highway and heavy vehicles including tractors, combines, bulldozers, loaders, mobile cranes, etc. and their subsystems.


Simulate the passenger cabin to landing gear  and even fuel systems using Gamma Technologies’ integrated suite early in the product development process.

Power Generation

Use GT-SUITE for a wide use of power generation engineering needs from generators to diesel & turbine engines to thermal management needs.

Industrial Machinery

Comprehensive solutions for pumps, compressors, plants and more…


Utilizing combinations of validated 0D/1D and 3D multiphysics libraries, accurate models can be built of practically any rail system, such as train diesel-electric propulsion, train air brakes and many more.


Utilizing combinations of validated 0D/1D and 3D multiphysics libraries, accurate models can be built of practically any marine system, such as ship propulsion, power supply, cranktrain and lubrication, combustion and emissions and many more.


Accurate models can be built of practically any HVACR (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) system such as compressors, heat pumps, A/C systems, water heaters, and more…ready for simulation.

Learn more about key applications HIGHLIGHT COLLECTIONS

We have gathered the best content to bring you a high-level overview of our simulation capabilities for key capabilities.

Fuel Cell Engineering

Design, model and optimize hydrogen fuel cells using GT-SUITE simulations

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Thermal Battery Simulation

We offer a  complete and flexible solution for modeling battery systems throughout all stages of the battery or electrified vehicle design process.

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Engineering Pumps & Compressors

Simulate  hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, cooling, transmission, HVAC, gas processing, and aftertreatment systems using GT-SUITE

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by partnering with Gamma Technologies and committing to work smarter will allow your organization’s product innovations to be the best-in-class while reducing prototypes, development time, and hardware cost.

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