GT Joins the Maritime Battery Forum

Gamma Technologies is proud to now be a member of the Maritime Battery Forum [MBF] which brings together global industry experts and commercial innovators who wish to move the maritime world towards sustainability and a smarter use of energy. It focuses its interests on ships, batteries and hybrids, and their development. It provides its members up-to-date advancements in technology and the economic aspects of using batteries on ships and other offshore installations. Learn More

GT joins Marine Battery Forum

GTTC Regional Conferences | Registration is Open!

Our regional GTTC [formerly GT Conference] registration is OPEN for our US and European events! We are planning on IN-PERSON events in 3 locations! Please register today!

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GT-SUITE v2022.2 is released!

We’re excited for you to discover all that v2022.2 has to offer!

Updates in GT-SUITE v2022 Build 2:

  • GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for carrying out controls system modeling, virtual controls calibration and validation in Model in the Loop (MiL), Software in the Loop (SiL), and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) environments
  • GT-PowerForge now allows for even finer performance analysis of power converters with the additional ability to model DC-DC resonant isolated tank architectures

Released Earlier in GT-SUITE v2022!

  • GT-Play for web-assisted collaboration
  • GT-FEMAG for steady-state performance analysis of electric machines for accurate performance and consumption prediction
  • Li-Metal battery modeling using GT-AutoLion to capture anode expansion/contraction

and much more…

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Innovative Simulation Solutions for the Future of Mobility

We are leaders in simulation and trusted partners for our clients. We evolve and innovate our suite of state-of-the-art simulation software to guide industry transformations. Let us show you what’s possible.
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GT solutions for mobility engineering

Powertrain Agnostic Simulation Solutions

As regulations increase and consumers demand more efficient, cleaner engines…manufacturers are listening. Gamma Technologies offers a best-in-class comprehensive, multi-physics-based solution suite that is capable of simulating both complex internal combustion engine [ICE] and electrified powertrains. Please visit our application and product pages to learn more.
Learn more about GT’s electric machines and drive simulations
Learn more about GT’s ICE engine and transmission system simulations

ICE and Electrified Powertrain Simulations

Ready to Make an Impact? We are Growing our Team!

Do you want a job that makes an impact? GT is growing and scaling our business. We are seeking exceptional talent from operations to engineering. Please take a minute to look through our career openings, chat with a current team member or reach out to our HR department to learn more.
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Robust Simulations for Electrification

From fuel cells to battery thermal runaway, Gamma Technologies is a leader in offering comprehensive, integrated simulations for all types of electric vehicles. As our customers innovate to meet  global emissions regulations and work to meet their net zero goals, we are ready with 1D and 3D solutions to speed their product development process.
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wireframe car charging


From automotive cabin comfort, engines, batteries to pump and compressors, Gamma Technologies offers state-of-the-art simulation software for engineering today…and tomorrow.

Simulations for mobility engineering and Beyond  MULTI-PHYSICS, INTEGRATED SYSTEMS FOR PRODUCT ENGINEERING

Since the late 90’s Gamma Technologies has offered robust engineering simulation capabilities. Using GT-SUITE, vehicle engineers are designing tomorrow’s vehicles today using our robust, integrated solutions.


Robust solutions for both electrified and internal combustion vehicles. From battery range prediction to engine combustion, Gamma Technologies offers integrated simulations for all stages of the vehicle design process.

Trucks & Commercial Vehicles

From internal combustion to electrified engines, Gamma Technologies offers comprehensive simulations solutions for on-highway trucks and commercial vehicles.

Off-Highway & Heavy Vehicles

Integrated simulations for off-highway and heavy vehicles including tractors, combines, bulldozers, loaders, mobile cranes, etc. and their subsystems.


Simulate the passenger cabin to landing gear  and even fuel systems using Gamma Technologies’ integrated suite early in the product development process.

Power Generation

Use GT-SUITE for a wide use of power generation engineering needs from generators to diesel & turbine engines to thermal management needs.

Industrial Machinery

Comprehensive solutions for pumps, compressors, plants and more…


Utilizing combinations of validated 0D/1D and 3D multiphysics libraries, accurate models can be built of practically any rail system, such as train diesel-electric propulsion, train air brakes and many more.


Utilizing combinations of validated 0D/1D and 3D multiphysics libraries, accurate models can be built of practically any marine system, such as ship propulsion, power supply, cranktrain and lubrication, combustion and emissions and many more.


Accurate models can be built of practically any HVACR (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) system such as compressors, heat pumps, A/C systems, water heaters, and more…ready for simulation.


With GT-PowerForge, GT-SUITE’s capabilities now span the predictive simulation of battery, motors and power electronics within its unified multi-physics and multi-scale environment and extends Gamma Technologies’ leadership of full system-level simulations for electrified mobility applications.

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GT Acquires PowerForge

Learn more about key applications HIGHLIGHT COLLECTIONS

We have gathered the best content to bring you a high-level overview of our simulation capabilities for key capabilities.

Fuel Cell Engineering

Design, model and optimize hydrogen fuel cells using GT-SUITE simulations

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Thermal Battery Simulation

We offer a  complete and flexible solution for modeling battery systems throughout all stages of the battery or electrified vehicle design process.

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Engineering Pumps & Compressors

Simulate  hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, cooling, transmission, HVAC, gas processing, and aftertreatment systems using GT-SUITE

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We are innovating software solutions today that are helping vehicle manufacturers engineer the net zero vehicles of tomorrow.

Gamma Technologies race to net zero

Ready to Discuss your Engineering Program?

Learn how our simulations can seamlessly fit into existing workflows and 3rd party tools to improve your product design.