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Latest Release: Release Candidate
Build 0.7500
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Release Date: October
Next Release: Build 1 (General):
February 2022
Build 3 (Final):
December 2021
End of Support: February

Next Version

GT-SUITE v2022 Build 1 (recommended for general use) is scheduled for release in February 2022. A release candidate of v2022, which is intended for "early adopters" has been released.

* -Requires a v2022 license file. If you have not already received yours, please contact GT Licensing.


Navigate the file browser below and double-click on the file of interest to download it. If you do not see the file browser, please visit the Requesting Download Access section below or press the "Log-In" link at the top right.


To install or update GT-SUITE, please download the appropriate installer from the "1. Installers" folder in the downloads section above. When installing build 2 or 3 of a version, you may wish to download the additional solver archives from the "Optional Files" sub folder, which will allow you to run a previous solver build from the latest GUI. See the README for details.

Release Schedule for GT-SUITE

GT-SUITE is released yearly with a total of four builds released throughout the year. Each major version is named using the calendar year when Build 1 was released. The first "release candidate" or "Build 0", is intended for "early adopters" who wish to utilize the new features as soon as possible. Then three main "builds", which are intended for general use. The release candidate is released in October of the preceding year. Then Builds 1, 2 & 3 typically follow in February, June, and December, respectively. Please see the table above for specifics of each version.

Life Cycle of GT-SUITE

Each year there is a major release of GT-SUITE which will contain new features and usability improvements for both the GUI and physical modeling capabilities. Each version has a planned life cycle of 4 years after Build 1 is released. The support period for each version will overlap with previous versions such that there will always be four versions with active technical support, thus allowing ample time for all organizations to adopt the latest version before the older version expires.

Early Adopter Phase - Those who wish to utilize the newest features as soon as possible may install the "Release Candidate" which is released in October of the preceding year. The official release of a version is Build 1, which is intended for all users. Full technical support is provided for the Release Candidate until Build 1 is released. After Build 1 is released, early adopters utilizing the Release Candidate should upgrade to Build 1.

Technical Support with Software Updates - During the first year of a new version of GT-SUITE, Gamma will provide our world-renowned phone and email support to help utilize GT-SUITE in becoming more productive and innovative in your field. Additionally, we will work to continually improve the usability and functionality of GT-SUITE by releasing updates to the software which are referred to as "builds". There are three main builds for general use, namely Build 1.0000, 2.0000 & 3.0000. In the event of a specific improvement that is deemed too important to wait for the next build, it will be released and denoted by a fractional build number, such as 2.0001.

Technical Support without Bug Fixes - The second, third and, fourth years of support for a version will continue with our world-renowned phone and email support. We will no longer be developing nor releasing builds of this version, but the most recent build will continue to be available for download.

Unsupported Phase - After four years since Build 1 was released, the version will enter the "Unsupported Phase", where we will remove the download/installer from our website. Technical support will be strictly limited to inquiries that are still relevant in supported versions. The timing for this event will be shortly after the release of Build 1 of the latest version of GT-SUITE so that there will typically be four actively supported versions.

We ask that users migrate to a newer version of GT-SUITE before the end of support, so that we may continue to assist you to drive productivity and innovation in your field. Generally, GT-SUITE installations should continue to function past the supported period and can be used for legacy project work.

Requesting Download Access

If you have been granted rights to access the GT-SUITE files, Please press the "Log-In" link at the top right to access the files.

The release related documentation is available to anyone with a valid login to this website. However, the installers are only accessible to a select few at each organization as described below.

If you are not the main GT-SUITE contact at your company, please consult with the main GT-SUITE contact at your company to update your installation.

To access the GT-SUITE installers, you must have additional access rights associated with your login. Note that typically only 1 or 2 people at a company or university are given permission to download updates in order to establish quality control within an organization. If you should be one of the few who are able to download the updates for your organization, please register on this site and then email your request to us. To register, please use the “Register” link at the top. Then to request download rights, please send us an email with a short explanation of your role in your organization to This request should be sent from your official email from your organization (i.e. no,,, etc.)