Simulation solutions for ultra-clean vehicle architectures

Exhaust aftertreatment under controlWHAT IS EXOTHERMIA SUITE?

Exothermia suite is an exhaust aftertreatment system simulation tool of unparalleled scientific depth, combined with continuous validations vs real-world tests.


exothermia provides industry proven solutions including:

  • Modern design tool for the E.A.T. engineer, modelling practically any type of after treatment device across the complete development process
  • Catalytic reactions, heat and mass transfer, filtration modelling and many more features
  • State-of-the-art R&D

Supporting the complete development processFROM EARLY CONCEPT PHASE TO MASS PRODUCTION

exothermia provides a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Materials selection: proper level of predictive sophistication to reach the optimum solution replacing months of expensive testing
  • Concept analysis: Calculating the feasibility and the synergies of combined technologies in the exhaust system
  • Component optimization: with so many design parameters available for each component, exothermia suite helps you out running your parametric analysis on your PC instead of the test bed and access all physical parameters in every detail

Advanced Features

  • 3D+ catalyst modelling from detailed chemistry to control applications
  • 3D+ Filtration and reaction modeling in all filter types
  • Integration solutions
  • Explore more of these unique features and underlying models

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Stationary applications, such as gen-sets operate by nature in different modes compared to engines used in the on-road sector. On the other hand, the design priorities and exhaust system specifications are also different and sometimes stricter especially with respect to durability, maintenance and effects on operational costs.

exothermia works closely with this particular industry sector offering cost-efficient model-based solutions for the design and control of such systems.

Exothermia use-case-industries

The emission reduction and on-board monitoring requirements for two-wheelers is putting high pressure to this cost-sensitive industry.

exothermia offers tools and engineering services for catalyst design, control and diagnosis optimization using – and adapting when necessary – the experience obtained from the automotive sector.

exothermia iindustries-cases

Off road engines will require both PM and NOx emission control technologies that will fulfill the emission limits over long useful lives. The design and control optimization of a multi component EAT system is impossible without resorting to advanced CAE methods and tools accounting for long-term deterioration effects and failure mode analysis.

SCR on filter presents a most interesting case with non-obvious impacts of ash and ageing interactions on NOx conversion, NH3 slip and pressure drop. exothermia proposes new models and simulation environment setups to provide timely answers to complex problems.

Recent and upcoming regulations for NOx emissions in marine applications require the installation of large and expensive deNOx equipment. Due to the extremely high testing and optimization efforts and costs associated with the certification process, it will be necessary to rely on well established predictive models.

Based on the experience already acquired on the on-road sector, exothermia is ready to support the engine and supplier industry to deal with this challenging engineering task.

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