Integrated 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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3D CFD for Detailed Development WHAT IS GT-CONVERGE?

GT-CONVERGE is a 3D CFD module which complements GT-SUITE and advances your plant and system level simulations. Importantly, it empowers non 3D-CFD experts, through features like autonomous meshing and dedicated easy-to-use simulation setup.

A product of joint efforts between GT and Convergent Science, GT-CONVERGE is fully integrated into GT-SUITE and allows you to investigate and understand components of your system whenever 3D flow effects are predominant.  GT-CONVERGE enhances the GT-SUITE portfolio, further strengthening its 1D/3D synergistic capabilities. The result is a compelling turnkey solution, from component to system and validation.

Empowering the 1D UserSAVE TIME & RESOURCES

A common workflow seen in simulation departments is to iterate between 1D and 3D models when faster run-time or more complex physics is desired, respectively. This iteration can be time intensive and inefficient depending on the workload of each team. By enabling the 1D simulation engineer to perform 3D CFD, it may be possible to decrease iteration and save time and money.


The easy-to-use guided multi-step wizard in GEM3D allows GT users to setup CFD simulations easily to characterize the heat transfer, pressure drop, or take advantage of 1D/3D synergic capabilities. Completing the wizard requires minimum CFD knowledge and many CFD settings are determined automatically based on the problem description.

Advanced Features

  • 3D CFD simulation in multi-physics co-simulation with GT-SUITE models or standalone
  • Multistep guided and easy-to-use simulation setup wizard in GEM3D
  • Automatic CFD settings based on problem description (minimal CFD expertise required)
  • No meshing required – it’s automatically generated (autonomous meshing)
  • Increased efficiency by parallel simulation on multiple cores
  • Steady-state or transient solution
  • Liquid or gas flow
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Further, running from GT-ISE gives GT-CONVERGE important capabilities like: multiple cases, DOE, optimization, and distributed computing

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When portions of a system require 3D resolution, GT-SUITE offers the ability to tightly co-simulate the 1D and 3D domains. One widely used example is the impact of intake manifold geometry on transient EGR distribution and mixing. GT-CONVERGE captures spatial distribution of EGR concentrations, complementing the GT-SUITE 1D flow solution.

Use the GT-CONVERGE steady-state solver to rapidly characterize flow characteristics such as component pressure drop and heat transfer. The resulting data tables are seamlessly exported into GT-SUITE system-level models, enabling fast and accurate results of flow systems.

GT-SUITE includes a native 3D thermal finite element solution used to calculate the structure temperatures.  With GT-CONVERGE, one can simulate the conjugate heat transfer between CFD flow fields and these structures (this in addition to the capability for conjugate heat transfer between 1D flow networks and structures).  An example of the former is an air-cooled battery shown below, where the electro-chemical solution of GT-AutoLion3D is integrated to capture the distribution of heat generation, combined aging, and SOH within the cells.

GT-SUITE offers advanced cabin solutions for fast and accurate prediction of passenger comfort. This approach relies on import of 3D CFD flow fields, which can come from a variety of commercial CFD tools.  One of them is GT-CONVERGE, which provides the extra benefit by being fully integrated into the model building workflows, thus forming a seamless tool chain in one software platform to accomplish your simulation tasks easily, on time, with high quality of passenger comfort with GT-TAITherm.

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