Electromagnetic FE simulation of electric machines

GT-FEMAG: E-Motor setup and simulation

Electric machine simulation WHAT IS GT-FEMAG?

GT-FEMAG enables you to perform steady-state performance analysis of various types of electric machines, using the 2D FE Electromagnetic solver “FEMAG,” created by ProFEMAG AG. Main focus lies on creating global efficiency as well as local loss maps, that can be further used either standalone or in the system level environment.

GT-FEMAG used in a vehicle and thermal environment


GT-FEMAG is fully integrated into the GT environment, which enables a streamlined workflow, all done in one tool. One can efficiently calculate E-Motor performance maps to predict the E-motor behavior standalone and in the system environment.

GT-FEMAG not only provides high resolution maps to powertrain and energy management models, but also enhances thermal e-motor models with local component heat rejection maps. All maps are depending on voltage and temperature.

GT-FEMAG supports in selecting the right E-motor for your given problem

This is particularly handy for non-expert users who are either infrequent users of simulations software or have highly specialized needs for results such as test engineers, sales engineers, or managers.

Advanced Features

  • Machine Sizing: Create the rotor and stator geometry and winding for a given power and speed operation
  • Machine Model Creation: Create the machine model based on parameterized templates
  • Model Preview: Show the cross section view of the machine geometry dynamically
  • Winding Layout: Show the winding diagram for given slot and pole numbers dynamically
  • Generic Drive Characteristics: Give an estimation of the speed vs torque characteristics of the chosen machine type
  • Efficiency and Loss Maps: Calculate the global efficiency and local loss maps

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