Fuel Cell System Modeling

GT-SUITE is the ideal platform for the analysis and optimization of fuel cell systems and their components, assisting in fast and reliable component sizing and selection.

Combining industry leading productivity tools and collaboration features together with advanced multi-physical modelling capabilities, GT-SUITE can be used throughout  the entire product development process including the simulation of fuel cell cooling, anode and cathode gas supply, charging and humidification, and H2 tank systems, as well as stack dynamics and energy consumption in the context of driving cycles.

The fuel cell system model easily integrates with other systems, such as thermal management and electric vehicle models, as part of GT-SUITE’s multi-physics simulation solution. The integrated models can be used to study fuel consumption and power management in the context of driving cycles.

Product Highlights

  • Modeling of all fuel-cell system configurations with GT-SUITE’s object-oriented model building architecture
  • Well-established multi-physics platform that includes fluid, thermal, electrical and mechanical libraries
  • PEM Fuel Cell stack component that predicts polarization curve from fuel cell geometry and properties
  • Solver Features
    • Mass transfer between cathode and anode sides of fuel cell
    • Compressible Navier-Stokes solution with real gas equation
    • Multiple species and multiple phases possible
    • Dynamic condensation and evaporation models
    • Time-accurate solver – required for transient analyses and control system development
    • Well-tested compressor and turbine map interpolation and extrapolation capabilities
  • Flexible Thermal library that can model heat exchangers, stack temperatures, pipe wall temperature and more
  • Library of fluids provided with software, plus option to add user defined fluids
  • Controller library to maintain target humidity or other critical parameters

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Integration with other systems modeled in GT-SUITE
    • Electrical system
    • Vehicle models for drive cycle analysis, including transient altitude and temperature changes