Electric Machines and Drives

GT-SUITE contains a rich library of solutions for simulating and optimizing both DC and AC electric machines and their drives. Provided within the software are models of varying levels of fidelity, to achieve different objectives.

For example, GT contains simple, fast-running efficiency-based models that are suitable for vehicle energy management purposes. GT also provides the ideal environment for higher-fidelity simulations. A full library of electrical components and transistors is included to drive the electric machines. Thermal management engineers are also able to create and analyze high fidelity thermal models.

Product Highlights

  • Various levels of model fidelity, from map-based representations for vehicle performance and energy management, to co-simulation with the most popular 3D electromagnetics tools for NVH and thermal boundary conditions
  • Embedded integration of JMAG Express Online to evaluate conceptual motor design for efficiency and heat generation
  • Efficient electrical solver for resolving large system problems such as vehicle-level models and electrical auxiliaries
  • Well-established 3D-CAD based process in GEM3D creates high-fidelity thermal models of electric machines in either 1D or 3D

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Discretize the machine structure into thermal masses or finite elements for accurate thermal analysis across the rotor, stator, magnets, and windings
  • Analyze multiple machine cooling techniques, such as direct contact oil cooling, indirect rotor cooling, and water jacket cooling
  • Achieve realistic machine response due to machine control with included techniques such as MTPA, Field Weakening, and SVPWM
  • Capture torsional vibration mitigation, and NVH studies by importing a JMAG-RT model