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In this webinar, a 1D-3D synergetic approach will be presented for detailed component analysis by using GT’s proprietary technology, where the workflow from CAD data to final component and system model will be presented. This workflow allows to convert CAD geometry to a representative combination of 3D finite element mesh for the thermal domain and 1D Navier Stokes flow solution for the flow domain. This workflow is applicable for applications such as engines, e-motors, turbochargers, fuel cells, cabin and power electronics. A dedicated example will be presented during the webinar for a 1D-3D synergetic approach for battery thermal management.

Topics included:

  • Brief introduction to the model building workflow in GEM3D, which is a preprocessing tool of GT-SUITE.
  • A case study to demonstrate both the predictive and real-time capabilities of 1D-3D models with the help of several steady state and transient simulations.
  • Functionality of 1D-3D models for complex heat transfer processes such as thermal runaway.