xLINK – Tool Neutral Co-Simulation Platform


Ideal Tool for System Design and Integration

xLINK is a tool-neutral platform for co-simulation of heterogeneous, multi-domain systems. Based on 20+ years of expertise and development of integrated simulations, xLINK is an ergonomic environment for synthesizing complex systems from subsystem models, accompanied by a large set of advanced productivity tools to help the user achieve the desired results quickly and accurately. xLINK supports popular interface standards, such as FMI, and provides direct links with a large number of simulation tools, using state-of-the-art co-simulation technologies.

Product Highlights

  • Receive subsystem models from various groups and link them together in an intuitive way to create complex system-level models
  • Design scenarios/experiments to be simulated by modifying the parameters of sub-systems
  • Simulate your overall models using advanced co-simulation technologies and monitor the performance during runtime
  • Analyze sub-system interactions in GT-POST, combine plots and compare results to measurements
  • Supports FMI v1.0 and v2.0 and Simulink
  • Direct link with IPG CarMaker, MSC Adams, ETAS ASCMO and more

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Signals can be manipulated between sub-system models, and one can add logic for enabling or by-passing signals
  • “One-click” modification of entire sets of parameters by grouping them together to form drop-down options
  • Master and sub-system models can be either stored locally or in a revision control database, ensuring full model data management capabilities
  • Simulations can be performed on a distributed computing cluster and results are automatically recombined into a single output as if it were a single run
  • The most popular DoE (Design of Experiment) algorithms are available and response surface models can be generated
  • Direct single or multi-objective (pareto) optimization is possible using the built-in optimizer which offers state-of-the-art algorithms

These capabilities are included in every seat of GT-SUITE.

To learn how to create your first full vehicle co-simulation model with xLINK, visit our blog.

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