Oil systems can be quickly built from CAD, making GT-SUITE the tool of choice to design, analyze, and optimize lubrication systems and components.  Steady state models can be used to predict pressure, flow rate and temperature distribution throughout the oil circuit.  Transient runs can be performed to predict system priming (filling), resonance and wave dynamics in the system, energy loss in the system over a driving or duty cycle, thermal warm-up, and integration with cooling system models.  Furthermore, oil system components can be studied in detail including pumps with automated model building of vane and gerotor style pumps, bearings with both fast running Mobility and detailed finite element options, cam phasers, and hydraulic lash adjusters.

Product Highlights

  • Steady state pressure, flow and temperature distribution in oil system
  • Transient analysis for cold start priming, driving cycle simulation and thermal warm-up
  • Easy integration with cranktrains and valvetrains for bearing load predictions
  • Automated system and pump model building from 3D CAD file to 1D flow model
  • Two bearing levels: Mobility method or FE HD method
  • Accurate wave dynamics based on Navier-Stokes equations
  • Conservation of Mass, Momentum, Energy and Species

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Cavitation if pressure falls below vapor pressure
  • Transient aeration model (free and dissolved gas)
  • Tracks and transports vapor and gases
  • All oil consumers can be modeled including jets, lash adjusters, cam-phasers, turbo leakage, and others