Simulation engineers need to understand how vehicles will perform in real life scenarios, not only to meet emissions regulations and energy consumption targets, but also to ensure safe operation for various driver-types and driving conditions. To aid engineers in this task, Gamma Technologies offers GT-RealDrive, a tool that predicts how a vehicle will perform under real-driving situations.

Within GT-RealDrive, users test GT-SUITE vehicle models on real-world routes by inputting the route start and end points. GT-RealDrive then determines the route and incorporates traffic density, traffic signals, and speed limits to accurately calculate specific outputs such as target speed, battery performance, energy consumption, thermal security and emissions. Users can even vary driver preferences, such as conservative vs. aggressive tendencies, to predict how it affects these outputs.

GT-RealDrive supports all vehicles types, empowering engineers to account for important factors of both xEV and conventional vehicles. This includes battery aging and thermal security for xEVs and emissions for conventional vehicles.

Product Highlights

  • Understand how different vehicle configurations and components will perform in real-life scenarios.
  • Study energy consumption, emissions, battery performance, and thermal management
  • Evaluate the effect of route selections on key outputs.
  • Perform advanced energy consumption studies such as predictive cruise control and predictive supervisory control strategies.
  • Utilize results to aid in component selection, as well as prediction of component and subsystem load.
  • Predict how controls systems will respond when the vehicle is used in a non-ideal circumstance, such as with extreme weather conditions.

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Includes traffic density and traffic signals to incorporate start and stop dynamics into the analysis.
  • Account for changes in results depending on driver preferences.
  • Enter route start and end points, then receive most efficient route, with the route changing depending on the conditions of that time of day.
  • Front-load RDE certification with virtual Real Driving Emissions studies.