GT-SUITE provides many tools to the valvetrain engineer, from single valvetrain layout and kinematics, to full multi-cylinder camshaft dynamics. Contact stress, spring fatigue, and friction can be analyzed at multiple levels of fidelity. What sets GT-SUITE apart is the ability to quickly scale the scope of the model as needed. Since the camshaft model is built from the same building blocks as the crankshaft, that means bearing, torsional and bending analysis is built in. Flexible finite element bodies can be added to replace rocker arms or swing cams.  Mechanical valves can even natively link to engine flow valves in a one-step process.


Product Highlights

  • Models conventional and variable lift mechanisms
  • Multi-polynomial and B-spline valve lift curve synthesis (cam design)
  • Valvetrain kinematic and quasi-dynamic analysis
  • Valvetrain multi-body dynamics: rigid and flexible bodies
  • Higher-level, expert-system valvetrain toolbox (cam, valve, lifter, rocker, finger, pushrod, HLA ) + general 2D/3D shapes
  • Visualization and animation of valvetrains
  • Single branch or complete multi-cylinder valvetrain
  • Camshaft torsional vibrations (time and frequency domain)
  • Camshaft bending and bearing oil films

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Spring dynamics with distributed mass, stiffness and coil contact:
    • Natural frequencies
    • Surge, coil clash
    • Contact, shear stress
    • Spring fatigue analysis
  • Tribology and Friction: Hertz stress, deformation, oil film thickness, and wear at contacts
  • Transition elements for mixed 2-D/3-D modeling
  • Hydraulics: lash adjusters, cam phasers, hydraulic valve actuation
  • Import reduced flexible body models from commercial FEA tools
  • Fully transient
  • Multiple ODE integrators for fast runtime

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Timing drives (e.g. chains)
  • Cranktrain
  • Lube system hydraulics
  • Engine performance
  • Cylinder Pressure