GT-DRIVE+ Next Generation Vehicle Modeling Framework

GT-DRIVE+ is the next generation vehicle modeling framework built into GT-SUITE. It has been specifically designed for use by vehicle simulation engineers to efficiently model any type of vehicle, including conventional, commercial, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

GT-DRIVE+ focuses on creating a streamlined workflow to quickly and easily generate results for vehicle performance, fuel consumption, emissions, and energy management. GT-DRIVE+ addresses key challenges and objectives facing vehicle teams, such as:

  • Handles increasing vehicle complexity including electrification
  • Accounts for thermal management and real driving emissions
  • Addresses team organization and the expanding need for vehicle analysis
  • Improves simulation efficiency and traceability through standardization, automation, and data management features

Together, these capabilities allow GT-DRIVE+ to provide a singular path from vehicle concept design to final system integration.

Product Highlights

  • Model conventional vehicles and electrified vehicles
  • Create standardized component databases, new vehicle architectures, test cases, and result outputs
  • Open framework which empowers experts to create streamlined, customized workflows for end users
  • Customized model-builder to quickly and accurately build standardized vehicle models
  • Intuitive, powerful tabular interface for managing model data and vehicle test cases
  • Embed advanced GT-SUITE physics submodels, as black boxes, to account for vehicle cooling, GT-POWER fast running engine modelsexhaust aftertreatment models, and others.

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Support for optimization and DOE to sweep vehicle topologies and maneuvers and optimize components and vehicle control
  • Access to distributed computing to parallelize test cases and vehicle runs
  • Manage data with supported PLM toolchain integration
  • Deploy GT-DRIVE+ models on all major HiL systems
  • Convert GT-DRIVE+ model to GT-SUITE model for easy model sharing with other simulation departments