Control, MiL, SiL, and HiL


GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for carrying out controls system modeling in Model in the Loop (MiL), Software in the Loop (SiL), and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) environments.  GT-SUITE is supplied as a Simulink S-function, and the GT models are easily integrated into Simulink control system models for desktop simulation.  GT-SUITE supports both master and slave forms of interoperability with controls modeling tools, thus allowing GT models to be exported and run within a master controls modeling tool (Simulink, for instance), or for the controls tool model to be exported as a DLL (or FMU) and run directly within GT-SUITE.  For moving to HiL based environments, GT models are quickly and semi-automatically converted to real time capable fast running or reduced order models (FRM, ROM), and ported to popular HiL systems, including those from dSpace, ETAS, NI, and others.

Product Highlights

  • Incorporate physical GT-SUITE models directly into the control system development process.
  • Transform your computer into a virtual engine test bench with GT-POWER engine models running on your PC.
  • Perform model-based calibration of software functions using industry-standard calibration tools such as INCA
  • Speed up your process by re-using know-how and models from the engine or vehicle group.
  • Supports Controls models in Simulink and ASCET
  • Supports SiL and HiL, including systems from ETAS, dSPACE, National Instruments, Mathworks, A&D, and more

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Perform sensitivity analysis by modifying the GT-SUITE model parameters from your development environment.
  • Modify entire plant model maps from the Controls environment
  • Display simulation results in GT-POST
  • Wireless Controls, allowing easy transfer of ECUs
  • Model debugging capability through optional logging even on the HiL system
  • Support of multi-core HiL systems

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