Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


GT-SUITE offers a unique and comprehensive solution for modeling electrified vehicles throughout all stages of the vehicle design process.   Advanced data and model management features allow you to publish libraries of components for fast and efficient vehicle architecture studies.  With GT-SUITE’s complete transmission library and object-oriented interface, any electrified vehicle architecture can be built and tested for fuel economy and performance.

After vehicle architecture has been determined, GT-SUITE enables the easy integration of physical subsystems, including thermal management and aftertreatment systems, allowing for the optimization of full-vehicle energy and thermal management strategies.

As the vehicle development progresses, even more advanced analyses of electrified vehicles can be performed, including dynamic analysis of electric boosting systems with GT-POWER, NVH and drivability studies, and detailed battery, engine, and motor heat distribution.

Product Highlights

  • Build any hybrid configuration with any level of electrification, including but not limited to: 48 volt mild hybrids with electric boost, strong power-split hybrid (HEV), parallel through-the road (TTR) plug-in hybrids (PHEV), or battery electric vehicles (BEV)
  • Build controls using a comprehensive controls library, including finite state machines in GT-SUITE, or co-simulate with Simulink to develop and optimize control algorithms
  • Ensure optimized vehicle energy management
  • Standard drive cycle tests built-into installation
  • Advanced capabilities for real-world driving emissions testing, including a random RDE cycle generator

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Lithium-Ion battery model with calibration data available
  • Characterization of battery models using test data (i.e discharge curves or HPPC test data)
  • Integration of battery thermal management systems with electrical solution for module-to-module, cell-to-cell, or intracellular temperature and current distribution
  • Electrically discretize battery systems to account for losses in battery wiring or cell-balancing circuits
  • Integration of electrically heated catalysts to study fuel economy vs. emissions trade-offs
  • Integration of thermal management system to ensure proper temperature control of components, while ensuring pleasant cabin comfort
  • Integration of GT-POWER 1-D air flow and combustion models for accurate dynamics of engine to optimize engine controls and electric boosting strategies
  • Easily setup event-based vehicle testing
  • Built-in optimization and DOE tools to evaluate architectures, components, and control strategies

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Battery systems
  • Power electronics and motors
  • GT-POWER engines
  • Thermal Management systems
  • Aftertreatment systems

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