GT-SUITE’s Cranktrain application offers a variety of practical engineering analyses for concept evaluation including both time and frequency domain solutions.  In addition to crankshaft definition with basic dimensions and material properties, GT-SUITE offers a streamlined process for importing solid models to extract key geometry, mass and moments of inertia.  The crankshaft can easily be switched between rigid, torsional and bending models for balance, vibration and stress evaluation respectively.  The cranktrain application supports a library of bearing models of various levels of fidelity from basic mobility to formal EHD solutions.  Additionally, skirt and ring models are available for preliminary friction prediction and evaluation at the concept phase.

Product Highlights

  • Expert-system cranktrain toolbox (piston, conrod, web, etc. ) for easy layout of any (I, V, W) cranktrain
  • Rigid, torsional and 3D-bending analysis modes
  • Rigid kinematics, forces, torques, bearing loads
  • Engine unbalanced forces moments, balance shafts
  • 3-D Block vibrations and mounting system analysis
  • Crankshaft torsional vibrations (time and frequency domain)
  • Viscous, rubber dampers, vibration isolators
  • Crankshaft 3D bending: dynamic or quasi-static, crankshaft durability
  • Main and conrod bearings analysis (orbits, MOFT, flow, temperature, friction)
  • Predictive friction models for bearings, rings, piston

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Elastomer damper model based on Maxwell solid approach:consistent treatments in both time and freq. domains
  • Automatic extraction of equivalent beam compliances of crankwebs (for 3D bending) from 3D FEA static results
  • 3D stress, fatigue and crankshaft reliability  analysis using 3D FEA  unit-load stress recombination
  • Steady-state or transient simulations, start-stop
  • 6 ODE integrators including implicit schemes suitable for stiff bending dynamics. Fast runtimes.

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Timing drive (e.g. chain)
  • Valvetrain
  • GT-POWER for crank speed and torque vibration
  • Oil circuit /Lube system
  • Vehicle drivetrain (engine recoil, mounts)