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GT-SUITE includes the ability to quickly and accurately simulate cabin systems. As cabin systems become more complex, for example with modern electric vehicle design, the need for cabin simulation becomes even greater. GT-SUITE offers multiple methods to model and optimize cabins to satisfy comfort requirements and operational temperature constraints while also minimizing the power consumption of air conditioning and heating systems. All methods provide boundary conditions to air conditioning loops with varying levels of zonal resolution. Models built into GT-SUITE enable rapid definition and calibration of cabins, allowing various design studies, such as component layout choices in the A/C loop, or assessing the effect of different window glazings on the overall HVAC system performance.

GT-SUITE also offers the ability to create cutting-edge models by cosimulating with ThermoAnalytics’ TAITherm. With this technology, real-time capable 3D cabin comfort models can be created which are used standalone or directly implemented into a full GT-SUITE integrated thermal model. This cosimulation allows rapid model design with high resolution (up to 100,000 volumes) compared to traditional methods available at early development stages. For example, design systems with full transient driving cycles and compressor controller strategies are based on temperatures in localized parts of the Cabin (i.e. occupant face). At later stages, import full CFD runs when available to help make important system-level design decisions.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use cabin models of varying resolutions depending on goals
  • Pre-defined geometries for most common vehicle classes
  • Real-time capable, 3D high resolution (up to 100,000 volumes) cabin models
  • Seamlessly connect cabins into other subsystems (i.e. A/C, Vehicle Cooling) modeled in GT-SUITE for feedback
  • Integration with ThermoAnalytics’ TAITherm tool for improved thermal accuracy
  • Integration with most common 3D CFD Tools (Fluent, STAR, OpenFoam, …)

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Design vehicle, aircraft, and other types of cabins
  • Easily integrate into other GT-SUITE models (i.e. A/C evaporator air circuit)
  • Run drive cycles (i.e. NEDC) at real-time speeds
  • Optimize compressor control strategies based on zonal temperatures
  • When cosimulating with TAITherm, import available CFD flow fields and replace GT-SUITE’s flow solution
  • Utilize TAITherm’s built-in thermal manikin model to predict comfort of the occupants

Modeling Passenger Compartments

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Cabin Modeling Cosimulation

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