GT-SUITE is the ideal tool for evaluating transmission component and system design and control.  GT-SUITE contains a rich library of transmission mechanical and hydraulic components, which allows complete transmission system simulation, including shift strategy generation, powerflow specification, thermal warmup and lubrication studies, and shift quality and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) evaluations.  Through integration with other GT-SUITE libraries, such as engine and vehicle, completely predictive powertrain models can be generated.  Additional modeling detail can be added through the general multibody dynamics GT-SUITE library, which enables evaluation of more detailed component-level behavior, including finite element models.

Product Highlights

  • Model ANY type of transmission: AT, MT, AMT, DCT, CVT, IVT, and new, innovative concepts
  • Formal Multibody Dynamics (MBD) mechanical solution methodology
  • Thermal hydraulics with aeration and species transport
  • Powerflow layout and transmission design
  • Loss prediction, lubrication, and thermal management
  • Shift quality and driveability
  • NVH studies and torsional vibration analysis
  • Real-time capable models for controls development
  • Fully integrated with other GT-SUITE libraries
  • Integrated with ROMAX Designer

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Automated import of ROMAX Dynamic Fusion Models
  • Seamless integration of hydraulics and mechanics for actuation system modeling
  • GEM3D and SpaceClaim CAD preprocessing tools for discretizing hydraulic flow paths and volumes
  • Frequency-domain analysis for mechanical systems
  • Output visualization of detailed gear and synchronizer systems
  • Extension of 1D mechanics to 2D and 3D, including finite element models
  • Internal component thermal models
  • Modeling of electrics and magnetics for predictive solenoids

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Dynamic engine models
  • Drivetrains
  • Vehicle
  • ROMAX Designer