Battery Modeling and Simulation

GT-SUITE offers a complete and flexible solution for modeling battery systems throughout all stages of the battery or electrified vehicle design process. In GT-SUITE, electrical-equivalent or electrochemical battery models can be discretized to calculate variations in current, temperature, and state of charge (SOC) at a module-to-module, cell-to-cell, or intracellular level.

We also offer GT-AutoLion, the industry-leading Lithium-ion battery simulation software. GT-AutoLion predictively models the electrochemical processes within Lithium-ion batteries.  Included with every installation of GT-AutoLion is a comprehensive electrochemical materials database, reducing the burden for laboratory testing of electrochemical properties.  GT-AutoLion empowers engineers to predictively model battery aging phenomenon as part of an integrated simulation.

Component-level studies, including battery temperature distribution and Battery Management Systems verification, are also performed using GT-SUITE.

Product Highlights

  • Predict electric vehicle range and performance using simplified lumped electrical-equivalent battery models
  • Verify thermal management techniques, battery design, and cell design using a battery model that captures module-to-module, cell-to-cell, or intracellular variations in current, temperature, and SOC
  • Model electrochemical processes within Lithium-ion cells using GT-AutoLion
  • Integrate electrical-equivalent or electrochemical battery models with thermal and fluid flow models to predict battery temperature distribution

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Comprehensive electrochemical materials database with GT-AutoLion
  • Predict battery degradation with GT-AutoLion
  • Lithium-Ion battery model with calibration data available
  • Characterization of battery models using test data (i.e discharge curves or HPPC test data)
  • Integrate cell balancing circuits with electrical-equivalent or electrochemical battery models to study cell balancing techniques and Battery Management Systems

Run Integrated Simulations With:

  • Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • Thermal Management systems
  • Power electronics and motors
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) control logic