Cylinder Pressure Analysis


GT-POWER includes advanced capabilities for conducting measured cylinder pressure analysis.  These capabilities bridge the gap between engine testing and simulation to provide detailed combustion analysis, as well as gas exchange analysis and measured data validation.  Measured cylinder pressure is directly analyzed in GT-POWER and the resulting burn rates are calculated and output using the same solution methodology as the engine model, ensuring perfect consistency between measurement analysis and simulation.  Models can be easily setup to reference large amounts of measurement data, making quick but insightful analysis leading to burn rate profiles, cylinder trapped conditions and even calibration of predictive combustion models.  These capabilities form the foundation for defining combustion in today’s modern engine simulation.

Product Highlights

  • Three pressure analysis (TPA) using intake, cylinder and exhaust pressures to analyze gas exchange and combustion
  • Cylinder pressure only analysis (CPOA) for combustion analysis using imposed trapped conditions
  • Measured+predicted analysis to compare and calibrate predictive combustion to measured data
  • Multi-cycle pressure analysis to evaluate individual consecutive cycles

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Conduct analysis on any combustion mode with any fuel (SI, diesel, dual-fuel, HCCI, etc.)
  • Accurately define gas exchange quantities (residual gas fraction, scavenging, fuel short circuiting, etc.)
  • Analysis of mean cycle (ensemble averaged) or individual cycles for cycle-to-cycle variation (CCV)
  • Reference data from many file types including Ascii, Excel and IFile
  • Fine tune port flow, valve events and thermal effects in engine model
  • Improve or verify measured data quality (pressure pegging, phasing, signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Automatically generate combustion profiles and Wiebe fits, easily imposed in engine model
  • Detailed analysis of knocking cycles for determining onset angle and intensity

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