GT-POWER Engine Simulation Software


GT-POWER is the industry standard engine performance simulation, used by all major engine manufacturers and vehicle OEMs. GT-POWER is used to predict engine performance quantities such as power, torque, airflow, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption, turbocharger performance and matching, and pumping losses, to name just a few. Beyond basic performance predictions, GT-POWER includes physical models for extending the predictions to include cylinder and tailpipe-out emissions, intake and exhaust system acoustic characteristics (level and quality), in-cylinder and pipe/manifold structure temperature, measured cylinder pressure analysis, and control system modeling. Standard GT-POWER engine models are easily converted to real-time capable models (also known as Fast Running Models – FRMs) for SiL or HiL simulations. These models may also be included in a full system level simulation within GT-SUITE to provide accurate and physically based engine boundary conditions to the rest of the vehicle.

Product Highlights

  • Industry standard engine simulation, used by every major engine maker
  • Wave dynamics captured via robust solution of the Navier-Stokes equations
  • Applicable to any size engine, from smallest utility engine to largest marine application
  • Fully flexible to allow studies of advanced and unconventional concepts
  • State of the art combustion and aftertreatment models
  • Flexible turbocharger modeling to handle all known configurations, including wastegated, VGT, supercharging, two-stage, turbocompounding and twin-entry turbine
  • Includes complete controls library for dynamic system controls studies
  • Includes CAD based pre-processors GEM3D and GT-Spaceclaim for accurate yet quick and easy model building
  • Integrates with other GT-SUITE libraries for thermal warmup studies, drive cycle analysis, and more

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Highly accurate, fully predictive, multi-pulse diesel combustion model
  • Tumble sensitive, turbulent SI combustion model
  • Complete chemical kinetics library
  • Vehicle model for integrated engine/vehicle simulations
  • Can co-simulate directly with Simulink, Converge, GT-CONVERGE, STAR, Fluent and other codes
  • Characterize component pressure drop and heat transfer with GT-CONVERGE, tailored to non 3D-CFD experts
  • Input variables may be specified as a map or functional dependency
  • Flexibility to study any valving concept, infinitely variable VVT and VVL, as well as cylinder deactivation concepts
  • Finite element solution of cylinder structural temperatures, useful for part load and dynamic operation
  • Advanced turbocharger features, such as overblown compressor modeling, surge prediction, reverse flow in turbines, pressure wave supercharging, advanced twin-scroll modeling, heat transfer in turbos and more
  • Port injection wall wetting
  • Capable of Real-Time execution
  • Plug-and-Play Engine Controllers: No need to calibrate. Exclusive to GT-SUITE. Examples include: Throttle Controller, Fuel Controller, EGR Controller, Wastegate Controller, Variable Geometry Turbine Controller

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Thermal Management
  • Aftertreatment
  • Cranktrain and mounts
  • Hybrids, electrics
  • Electrical system
  • Valvetrain

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