Energy Management


GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for complete vehicle energy consumption analysis.  With GT, it is possible to combine all relevant vehicle sub-systems into a single virtual vehicle model.  Such a model may be used to optimize energy flows and minimize energy consumption over transient driving cycles.  This approach allows for all sub-system interactions to be accounted for.  GT-SUITE provides a full range of modeling detail such that the modeler can decide on the appropriate balance of model detail for the task at hand.  The GT-SUITE solver provides the most advanced solution on the market for efficiently solving large models with many sub-systems.

Product Highlights

  • Fast computation speeds, even for large system models
  • Each sub-system runs with optimal time scale and solution settings
  • Solution is stable, even for two-phase fluid systems with dynamic control
  • Complete multi-physics tool allows for investigation of any fuel saving concept
  • Leverage the availability of GT-POWER engine models and the experts who build them to add physics to energy management simulation
  • World-class data management capabilities
  • Reduced CAE software expenses
  • GT-SUITE is the only capable “all-in-one” platform for energy management

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Hybrid/Electric architecture and component sizing
  • Analysis of fuel saving components and control concepts
  • Selection of sub-systems or components to balance fuel consumption, performance, occupant comfort, and cost
  • Determine potential fuel savings of advanced concepts such as Rankine-cycle waste heat recovery systems or thermo-electric generators
  • Determine optimal use of excess heat during warm-up from cold start