Air Conditioning and Heating


The simulation of air conditioning and heating systems play an increasingly important role in both maximizing fuel economy and ensuring passenger comfort.  GT-SUITE provides full capabilities in this area for prediction of the conditions inside the cabin and two-phase refrigerant loop.  Cabin modeling capabilities range from single volume models to advanced cabin arrangements with multiple subvolumes.  In the refrigerant loop, with fluid properties coming directly from NIST Refprop, GT-SUITE can handle both traditional system modeling and emerging technologies such as Heat Pump and supercritical CO2 modeling.  The Cabin and A/C loop models integrate seamlessly to study scenarios such as transient pull-down, or heat-up, and control system modeling.

Product Highlights

  • Model all A/C system components individually or as a complete system
  • Single and multi-volume (many zones) cabin models available
  • NIST REFPROP fluid properties source code built in
  • Spatially resolved condenser and evaporator models to capture phase change
  • Automatic calibration of all components – heat exchangers, compressor, etc
  • Robust solver based on Navier-Stokes equations allows arbitrary initial state and zero flow — always stable
  • Fast execution (faster than real-time)
  • Detailed physics-based compressor modeling
  • Handles effects of oil in refrigerant

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Investigate heat pump systems with all relevant refrigerants (R1234yf, CO2, etc)
  • Predict and analyze passenger comfort with single and multi volume cabin models
  • Use predictive correlations to estimate performance based only on HX geometry
  • Steady state and transient (i.e. pull-down or heat-up) cycles (NEDC, SC03, etc)
  • Predict heat exchanger performance when geometry changed (scaled)
  • Analyze battery thermal management of two-phase cooling loop
  • Optimum charge determination