Thermal Management

Follow the links below for detailed information on the most common thermal management applications of GT-SUITE:

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GT-SUITE is the most advanced tool for Thermal Management. It combines many features to deliver a comprehensive methodology specifically designed for thermal management.

Among the technical capabilities and advantages are:

  • It is the only tool that offers flow solutions based on the Navier-Stokes equations
  • Fundamentally robust, highly accurate, stable even under zero flow
  • Fast solution times
  • One set of components handles any fluid (gas, liquid, refrigerants)
  • Always solves the energy equation (no run time penalty)
  • Priming, caviation, and free/dissolved air
  • Import structures from CAD, mesh them, and solve temperatures by FEA
  • Quasi-3D flow modeling of heat exchanger applications
  • 3D Modeling of cabin comfort