Flow, Hydraulics, Lube/Friction

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The 1D flow solution in GT-SUITE is unique in that it solves the Navier-Stokes equations – and is a major differentiating factor and a great technical advantage of GT-SUITE with respect to other system-level simulation tools.

Among the technical capabilities and advantages are:

  • Fundamentally robust, highly accurate, stable even under zero flow
  • Fast solution times
  • One set of components handles any fluid (gas, liquid, multi-component, refrigerants)
  • Always solves the energy equation (no run time penalty)
  • Real gas thermodynamics
  • Species transfer, priming
  • Cavitation and free/dissolved air
  • Quasi-3D modeling for acoustics and heat exchanger applications
  • Tightly coupled to GT-SUITE 3D multi-body mechanics

Because of these advantages and capabilities, GT-SUITE is recognized as the most advanced solution for hydraulics, fuel injection, lubrication, cooling and thermal management.