Vehicle Cooling


GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for vehicle cooling analysis.  GT-SUITE models can be used to analyze pressure drop, flow distribution, and thermal performance of liquid circuits that cool heat-generating components.  GT-SUITE is also used to optimize air flow and heat transfer in the underhood cooling module where heat is rejected to ambient.  Construction of GT-SUITE cooling models is enhanced by powerful 3D tools.  The GEM3D tool easily converts CAD geometry of flow networks into 1D GT models.  The separate COOL3D tool allows for 3D model building and automatic export of underhood cooling module models.

Product Highlights

  • 3D Tools for automatic meshing of underhood heat exchangers, fans and air space
  • Quasi-3D Navier-Stokes based approach for underhood cooling modules handles non-uniform flow and temperature distribution
  • Option to impose CFD flow and temperature distribution at inlet to underhood cooling module
  • 3D Tools for characterizing liquid flow circuits from CAD data
  • Liquid flow solution includes thermal effects and is robust, and stable, during zero flow conditions
  • COOL3D (which is accessed through GEM3D) is included in every GT-SUITE or GT-SUITEmp license

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Single component models for validation and optimization
  • Cooling module layout/component sizing for a given installation space
  • Supplier selection for key components of cooling module
  • Steady-state operating points and transient drive-cycles
  • Predictive airflow based on the geometry of the underhood including analysis of grille inlet shape and position
  • Prediction of heat exchanger performance when geometry is changed
  • Analysis of structural element effects on the air flow
  • Recirculation analysis for low vehicle speed, high fan speed operating conditions