Hydraulics and Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection and Hydraulics

GT-SUITE’s advanced Navier-Stokes flow solver makes it the ideal choice for hydraulic modeling.  The extensive library of validated, application-specific components enables efficient building of accurate models with a wide range of complexity; from system level models with imposed component characteristics to more detailed component level models that may include effects such as fluid-structure interaction and leakage.  Also included are optional models for cavitation, aeration, and gas transport.  Within the engine domain, it is widely used by OEM’s and suppliers for fuel injection (gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels), hydraulic VVA, cam phasing, and compression release engine braking. Typical predictions of interest include pressure pulsation, flow rates, valve dynamics, fluid and structure temperatures, leakage, contact stresses, etc.  As with all GT-SUITE applications, hydraulic models are easily integrated with other sub-systems to capture interactions and optimize overall system behavior.

Product Highlights

  • Accurate pressure wave dynamics (water hammer) with Navier-Stokes solution
  • Extensive library of validated components
  • System and component level models, including valves, Detailed Pumps and Compressors, etc.
  • Fluid-structure interaction with built-in 1D, 2D, or 3D mechanics
  • Prediction of fluid and structure temperatures
  • Automated model building from CAD with GEM3D
  • Unsteady (frequency dependent) flow friction
  • Cavitation, aeration (free/dissolved gas), and gas transport

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Study effect of wave dynamics on system performance and stability
  • Sizing of orifices, accumulators, valves, pumps, and more
  • Model based controllers; auto-targeting a desired rail pressure
  • Integrate hydraulics (VVA, injection, etc.) with GT-POWER engine models
  • Accurate squeeze damping for any geometry with general FE film solver
  • Multiple bearing models, including FE HD
  • CFD coupling for fluid-structure interaction
  • Detailed solenoid and piezo actuator models with hysteresis
  • Linear and frequency analysis