GEM3D Preprocessor

GEM3D is a 3D graphical pre-processor that combines building and importing tools used to create 1D GT-SUITE models from 3D geometries.

  • GEM3D can be used to build models from primitive components like pipes, flowsplits, shells, catalysts, pumps, etc.
  • GEM3D can also be used to import 3D CAD models from other applications, especially GT-SPACECLAIM.  Once imported it can be used as a “characterizer” to automatically find effective lengths, diameters, bends, volumes, etc. of complex shapes, and convert them into GT-SUITE equivalent parts, such as pipes and flowsplits
  • Not only can 3D models be imported and characterized, but additional components can also be added to these models in GEM3D.
  • The design is general such that GEM3D can be used for many applications including engine performance, acoustics (intake and exhaust systems), lubrication, cooling systems, hydraulics, cranktrains, and more.

Engine Performance

GEM3D can be used for engine performance applications to build and characterize core components like manifolds, plenums, runners, and more.

Acoustics, Intake and Exhaust Systems

GEM3D can be used for acoustic applications to build and characterize complete intake and exhaust systems including air boxes, resonators, plenums, mufflers, silencers, and more.  Some of the applicable features include baffles (any orientation), perforates (on pipes and baffles), absorbing material (wool), sleeves (empty or filled with wool), and more.


Detailed vane and gerotor pump CAD models can be imported to GEM3D for automatic conversion to a 1D flow model. These detailed pump models can then be used to study wave dynamics from the pump, as well as to generate predictive flow maps.

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