Landing Gear

Detail of the main landing gear during landing

Design, analyze, and optimize aircraft landing gear systems within the GT-SUITE multi-physics environment, which includes thermal hydraulics, multi-body mechanics, electrical, and control libraries. Models can be used to study performance of the landing gear, retraction, extension, steering, and braking.

GT-SUITE’s comprehensive library of templates empowers users to quickly create complete landing gear system or component level models. Within system level models, fidelity of components (pumps, valves, linkages, etc.) can be easily interchanged.  Advanced thermal hydraulic models integrated with multi-body mechanics enable studies of component sizing as well as high frequency behavior such as water hammer effects.

Product Highlights

  • Automatically create 1D flow system model from 3D CAD.
  • Fully transient Navier-Stokes solution including water hammer effects
  • Multi-body mechanics ranging from 1D-3D with rigid or flexible bodies
  • Predict performance of any hydraulic component from geometry
  • Compressible liquids with cavitation, aeration (free/dissolved gas), and gas transport
  • Simulate Oleo struts, landing gear extension/retraction, steering, and braking

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Integrate hydraulics with 1D, 2D, or 3D rigid or flexible body mechanics, as well as electrical and control components
  • GT-SUITE has built-in DOE and optimization to optimize anything from component-level to the complete system.

These capabilities are included with every GT-SUITE license.