Aircraft Fuel Systems


Design complete aerospace fuel systems with GT-SUITE, including design of complex fuel tank geometries directly from CAD, size pumps, valves and heat exchangers, and test control strategies during transient flight conditions. Comprehensive fuel system simulation models can be quickly built from existing CAD data or created from scratch, making GT-SUITE optimal for design, analysis, and optimization of fuel systems and components.

GT-SUITE supplies a comprehensive set of component libraries which simulate the physics of fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. From those libraries, one can build fast and accurate models of any type of aircraft fuel system.   What makes GT-SUITE especially powerful is that high-fidelity 3D component models are seamlessly integrated into 1D/0D system-level models, which supply them with accurate transient multi-physics boundary conditions and assure two-way interactions between all of the sub-systems.

Product Highlights

  • Automatically create 1D flow system model from 3D CAD for the system, tank, reservoir pumps, etc.
  • Transient fuel transport, pressurization, distribution, inerting, heat transfer, fuel surface tracking, and more
  • Define aircraft mission and environment conditions, including altitude, attitude, and 3D accelerations with six degrees of freedom
  • Account for changing ambient conditions in accordance with the International Standard Atmosphere model
  • Fueling, refueling, defueling, venting of complete systems with unique geometry
  • On-board inert gas generation system (OBIGGS) modeling, including built-in 3D CFD solution to track gas species distribution in a tank to ensure safe inerting system design
  • Complete system energy management, including thermal and hydraulic losses
  • Pumps, ejector pumps, and valves- available in simple or detailed model fidelity
  • Complete library of various fuels and lubricants, allowing mixtures and the user to quickly define any working fluid
  • Include fuel tank gauges and corrections for aircraft attitude
  • Fuel heaters and heat exchangers- available in simple or complex model fidelity
  • Accurate wave dynamics to predict pressure pulsation/water hammer with Navier-Stokes solution

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Cavitation if pressure falls below vapor pressure
  • Transient aeration model (free and dissolved gas)
  • Tracks and transports vapor and gases

These capabilities are included with every GT-SUITE license.