Friction and Tribology


Predictive models of friction losses in engines and other systems can be constructed in GT-SUITE, to assess impact of operating conditions and design parameters on friction and seek low friction designs.  This functionality uses the validated fundamental tribological elements of GT-SUITE, including oil film hydrodynamics and EHD contact models, a statistical asperity contact model, and also on the ability to take temperature, pressure and shear rate dependence of lubricant viscosity, as well as geometrical details, into account. Application of these elements enable GT-SUITE to model, at each friction interface, the share of load carried hydrodynamically vs. by contact, which is essential to accurate prediction of friction. In addition to friction, models predict secondary motions (orbits, film thicknesses), oil flow, wear load, contact deformations, Hertz stress and temperature rise. Tribological elements are used directly, inside GT-SUITE MBD models of moving parts of engines, pumps etc. which provide the speeds and load at friction interfaces.

Product Highlights

  • Journal bearing oil film models: Mobility or HD with cavitation, 2-D or 3-D
  • Journal bearings: orbit, MOFT, flow, friction, oil temperature rise, wear load
  • Contact EHD modeling (e.g. in valvetrains, roller bearings etc.)
  • Piston skirt and guide oil film hydrodynamics, secondary motions
  • Piston ring oil films, friction, effects of oil starvation, bore distortion
  • Thrust bearings in crankshafts and turbochargers, high-speed inertia effects
  • Turbocharger “double-bush” bearings
  • Roller bearing EHD contacts and friction
  • Detailed reporting of engine friction components

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Fully integrated with MBD models of cranktrains, valvetrains, etc.)
  • Fully integrated with lubrication system models
  • Surface geometry (piston details: profile, bore distortion bearing crush)
  • Automatic extraction of surface statistical properties from profilometer data
  • Root cause investigation of wear and seizure issues
  • Fast simulation times suitable for multi-variable DoEs

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Cranktrain
  • Valvetrain and Timing Drive (e.g. chain)
  • GT-POWER (e.g. transients)
  • Oil circuit /Lube system