3D Battery and Cell Modeling with GT-AutoLion-3D

3D Battery Simulation

GT-AutoLion-3D is a 3D battery modeling capability that allows battery cell designers and buyers to study important factors that determine a battery’s performance, capacity, and longevity. This electro-chemical-thermal solution models distribution of current, temperature, aging, and state-of-charge within a cell.

GT-AutoLion-3D’s multi-dimensional and multi-domain solution enables users to analyze cooling strategies and more accurately predict cell behavior during extreme cases, such as high c-rates and low temperatures. This can be essential to predict lithium plating, a critical consideration to forecast battery degradation.

Product Highlights

  • Capture complex degradation effects that require a high level of accuracy, such as Lithium plating.
  • Determine which parts of a cell will age faster and evaluate how this affects battery performance.
  • Study trade-offs of cell layout, including placement of positive and negative terminals to optimize current and aging distribution.
  • Determine the best cooling strategies for cells and packs.
  • Automatically convert CAD geometry of cells, cooling channels, and housing with GEM3D

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Fast execution through smart coupling of electrochemical and thermal meshes.
  • Discretizes a cell in all three directions, which provides a more accurate simulation for stuyding complex problems.
  • Electrochemical domain is accounted for using the same underlying solution as GT-AutoLion, including aging models.
  • Thermal domain utilizes GT’s 3D FE solution, including anisotropic properties, as well as the abillity to connect to other parts and to the 1D flow domain.
  • Integrates with other GT-SUITE models to account for the effect of surrounding systems on the battery.