Battery Thermal Management


GT-SUITE provides the ideal platform for optimizing battery thermal management and battery cooling systems. In GT-SUITE batteries are optimized on the cell, module, and pack level. Key characteristics are studied such as temperature and current distribution, taking into account both electrical and thermal domains. These battery models are integrated with other systems to capture the transient effects on terminal voltage, terminal power, heat dissipation rate, average state of charge, and more.

Product Highlights

  • Integrate battery thermal model with electrical and fluid systems
  • Use well-established 3D-CAD based process to create high-fidelity component models
  • 1D Thermal and Flow models built using GEM3D give accurate flow volumes, thermal masses, and conductive and convective heat transfer areas
  • Easily review results with instantaneous plots, 2D plots & animations, output signals, and RLTs

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Discretize individual battery cells for accurate analysis of current and temperature distribution within the cell
  • Analyze multiple battery cooling techniques, such as direct contact liquid cooling, indirect contact liquid cooling, and air cooling
  • Simulate temperature distribution across the battery pack and within the cell
  • Study battery performance across a range of environment conditions including transient warm up and cool down simulation
  • Optionally link with GT-AutoLion for electrochemical cell modeling to predict aging, distribution of heat generation, and state of health
  • Optionally link GT-CONVERGE 3D CFD to GT-SUITE’s 3D thermal finite element solution when 3D flow effects are predominant