ICE vs. xEV Automotive Thermal Management Simulation

By Brad Holcomb
May 26, 2021

Introduction Vehicle electrification across the transportation industry is being driven by demands for reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy.  However,...

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Simulating Thermal Runaway Propagation with GT-SUITE

By Joe Wimmer and Jon Harrison
April 15, 2021

Learn how to use a model to evaluate battery pack safety during thermal runaway events. Introduction Designers of battery packs...

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Predicting Lithium-ion Cell Swelling, Strain, and Stress using GT-AutoLion Simulation

By Ajaykrishna Ramasubramanian and Joe Wimmer
February 19, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), used in most commercial electronics and portable devices, occupy a highly privileged position in the energy storage...

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Optimizing an xEV in Less Than 1 Day

By Lloyd Adler-Lombardi
January 20, 2021

This is the second blog in a two-part series describing GT-SUITE’s integrated hybrid and electric vehicle design tools. If you...

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Optimizing Hybrid Vehicle Design using GT-SUITE

By Lloyd Adler-Lombardi
January 18, 2021

As emissions regulations tighten and an electrified future grows more and more imminent, automotive engineers have been tasked with applying...

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