Robust Battery Pack Simulation by Statistical Variation Analysis

By Vivek Pisharodi
September 16, 2021

When simulating a large battery module, typically we assume that all the cells in the module are going to be...

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Gerotor Pump Model Optimization via Process Integration of GT-SUITE and Gerotor Design Studio

By Ryan Dudgeon
July 27, 2021

Overview GT-SUITE gerotor pump models are powerful design tools that provide accurate predictions of flow and thermal behavior while also...

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Piston Group Dynamics: An Approach for Friction Reduction Simulation

By Marcel Schmädicke
July 9, 2021

Stricter demands on emission norms, fuel economy and performance require internal combustion engines to be optimized with respect to their...

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Virtual Calibration of xEV Thermal Management Systems

By Hanna Sara
June 14, 2021

Reducing the emission of the conventional vehicles by means of electrification of the powertrain brings new trends and new challenges...

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ICE vs. xEV Automotive Thermal Management Simulation

By Brad Holcomb
May 26, 2021

Introduction Vehicle electrification across the transportation industry is being driven by demands for reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy.  However,...

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