Exploring and Improving the GT-SUITE Genetic Algorithm

By Ryan Dudgeon
December 9, 2020

Mathematical optimization is the search for optimal model input parameters (factors) to minimize or maximize one or more of its...

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Using Design of Experiments and Distributed Computing to Optimize Microgrid Design

By Holden Symonds and Joe Wimmer
November 18, 2020

Learn how to use GT’s advanced productivity tools to explore a microgrid’s design space. As mentioned in a previous blog...

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Using Simulation to Evaluate Microgrid Design

By Holden Symonds and Joe Wimmer
November 13, 2020

Learn how to use a model to evaluate energy usage and cost of a microgrid. According to the United States’...

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Parametric Battery Pack Modeling in GT-SUITE for All Existing Cooling Concepts

By Dr. Dig Vijay
October 28, 2020

Learn about fully parametric 3D finite element (FE) analyses of battery packs and how to switch between a detailed 3D finite element and a 1D lumped mass domain.

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Battery Thermal Management Simulation

Comprehensive System to Component xEV Simulation Using GT-SUITE and JMAG (Part II)

By Michael Zagun and Yusaku Suzuki
August 6, 2020

In this blog, you will learn about options for integrating JMAG-Express Online models with GT-SUITE system models and how to use control strategy design in GT-SUITE.

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