How to Reduce Battery Charging Time While Maximizing Battery Life

By Vivek Pisharodi
June 15, 2020

Learn how different charging protocols impact the tradeoff between reducing the time required to charge a battery and maximizing the life of a battery.

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Predicting System Performance with Aged Li-ion Batteries Using GT-AutoLion and GT-SUITE

By Joe Wimmer
June 8, 2020

Learn how to predict not only how Li-ion batteries degrade over time, but how that affects system-level performance by combining GT-AutoLion and GT-SUITE.

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Using GT-AutoLion and GT-SUITE to Predict Battery Aging for Real World Applications

By Joe Wimmer
June 1, 2020

Learn how to predict battery lifetime and make confident battery warranty decisions by combining a minimal amount of available data with physics-based simulation software.

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Using Simulation to Reduce Battery Testing Time and Cost

By Joe Wimmer
May 26, 2020

Learn how simulation tools that use a physics-based approach to modeling Li-ion cells enable engineers to decrease testing time and costs.

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Virtual Calibration Case Study – OBD Calibration (Diagnostic)

By Michael Bambula
March 10, 2020

Learn how simulation allows engineers to front-load overboost diagnostics to decrease the likelihood of repeated prototype damage.

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