Top 10 Gamma Technologies Blogs of 2023!

January 5, 2024
top 10 gt suite blogs 2023

From calculating EV range to heat pump design, there is a blog for every simulation! 

As we kick off 2024, let’s look back at the best blogs of 2023! Since the inception of Gamma Technologies, GT-SUITE has optimized system simulation solutions for manufacturers! In no order, these are the top 10 blogs written in 2023 that highlight the vast application use cases and technical capabilities GT-SUITE can deliver!   

  1. Decreasing Battery System Simulation Runtime using Distributed Computing
  2. Calculating Electric Vehicle Range with Simulation
  3. Engine Manufacturers Leverage Simulation to Engineer Ahead of Increasing Regulations
  4. Enhancing Model Accuracy by Replacing Lookup Maps with Machine Learning Models (Machine Learning Blog Part 1)
  5. Optimizing Neural Networks for Modeling and Simulation (Machine Learning Blog Part 2)
  6. Mitigating the Domino Effect of Battery Thermal Runaway with Simulation
  7. Designing Thermally Secured Electric Motors with Simulation
  8. Understanding Fuel Cell Systems Simulation for Vehicle Integration
  9. Addressing Heat Pump Challenges, from Home to Industry with Simulation
  10. Simulating Predictive Cruise Control for a Heavy-Duty Truck: Quickly and Easily

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