Understanding Fuel Cell Systems Simulation for Vehicle Integration

March 15, 2024
fuel cell systems simulation

In Episode 3 of the Gamma Technologies Tech Talk podcast, the team delved into the world of fuel cell systems simulation and its integration with gas turbines (GT). Navin Fogla, PhD (Senior R&D Manager, Reactive Flow Systems) and Jake How (Senior Staff Application Engineer, Reactive Flow Systems), shared insights into the mechanics behind this advanced technology. 

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Mapping the Integrated Vehicle-Level Perspective & Achieving Fidelity in Simulation 

Towards the end of the podcast, Jake provided a walkthrough of GT’s fuel cell modeling capabilities via the simulation platform, GT-SUITE. This walkthrough emphasized how it is possible to scale GT’s simulations from one level of fidelity to another, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the fuel cell system’s behavior within an integrated vehicle model.  

fuel cell simulation

Gamma Technologies Integrated Vehicle-Level Fuel Cell Map via GT-SUITE


At the heart of the integrated vehicle system lies the fuel cell stack, but this is just one piece of the puzzle. The integrated vehicle-level map above showcases how the fuel cell stack is connected to various components such as hydrogen tanks, air handling systems, cooling systems, and an electrical powertrain. The powertrain also includes a DC-DC converter to regulate voltage and a motor that propels the vehicle. Fuel cell system simulation also can be conducted at two ends of the fidelity spectrum. At the lower end, models can be simplified to allow for faster simulations, optimization, and design of experiments. 

Fuel Cell Cooling Demonstration

 On the other hand, more advanced simulations, such as pseudo-3D or 3D-1D modeling, provide a high-fidelity analysis of the fuel cell stack or individual cells. This level of detail allows for the investigation of coolant rates, local hotspots and cold spots, as well as oxygen and water distribution. 

Learn More About Fuel Cell System Modeling Capabilities  

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This blog was originally published on September 22, 2023.