Using Simulation for Battery Engineering: 15 Technical Blogs to Enjoy

August 11, 2023
battery charging simulation

At Gamma Technologies, our GT-SUITE and GT-AutoLion simulations provide battery engineers and designers robust solutions for modeling and predicting battery performance throughout its lifecycle. 

Enjoy reading our battery-focused technical blogs to learn more about: 

  1. Calculating electric vehicle (EV) range
  2. Decreasing battery system simulation runtime
  3. Vehicle modeling: ICEV & BEV correlation procedure 
  4. Reducing battery charging time while maximizing battery life 
  5. Reducing battery testing time and costs 
  6. Predicting system performance with aged li-ion batteries 
  7. Predicting lithium-ion cell swelling, strain, and stress 
  8. Lithium-ion battery modeling automotive engineers 
  9. Non-automotive li-ion applications: aircraft, ships, power tools, cell phones and others 
  10. Battery thermal runaway propagation 
  11. Fuel cell system modeling 
  12. Virtual calibration of fast charging strategies 
  13. Parametric battery pack modeling for all existing cooling concepts 
  14. Robust battery pack simulation by statistical variation analysis 
  15. Sensitivity analysis: ranking the importance of battery model parameters 

Since the inception of GT-SUITE, Gamma Technologies has recognized the transformation of automotive and non-automotive industries. Our solutions are powertrain and industry agnostic, and we are looking to guide customers and partners towards a sustainable world.  

Learn more about our battery simulation solutions! 

If you’d like to learn more about how GT-SUITE and GT-AutoLion can be used to solve your battery pack design challenges, contact us here! 

This blog was initially published June 10th, 2022