2018: Celebrating a Year of Progress

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Our goal each year is to empower engineers around the world to create the advanced products they envision. Looking back at 2018, we’re happy to see many developments and enhancements that made this goal a reality.

Acquisition of AutoLion Battery Modeling Software

With batteries becoming an increasingly popular power source, we want to make sure customers have a comprehensive solution not only for modeling batteries, but also for integrating battery models with other systems.

That is why in February 2018 we acquired AutoLion, the leading Lithium-ion battery modeling software. This easy-to-use simulation tool predictively models the electrochemical process within Lithium-ion cells, providing engineers with highly-accurate results to aid in meeting specified voltage, power, energy, and cost requirements.

Since acquiring this tool, we’ve enhanced its already powerful capabilities. With the release of GT-AutoLion in v2019, we integrated AutoLion directly into GT-SUITE. This enables users to easily link battery models to other systems and to utilize GT-SUITE productivity tools such as our built-in optimizer.

We’re happy to see many engineers already optimizing their batteries with this tool, and we’ll continue to strengthen GT-AutoLion in future versions.

Development of GT-POWER-xRT

Controls engineers are always looking for ways to run detailed models in real-time without compromising their results. That is why we developed GT-POWER-xRT, a solution dedicated to the current and future requirements of high-speed ECUs. GT-POWER-xRT allows controls engineers to run physical, predictive engine models on their HiL system with maximum accuracy and fidelity. This solution enables the higher sampling rates required by today’s state-of-the-art ECUs, and offers a streamlined process to easily convert engine models used for performance analysis into RT models for HiL systems.

GT-POWER-xRT was introduced at the 2018 fall conferences and we’re excited to see that HiL users are already interested in learning more about how GT-POWER-xRT can impact their simulations.

Launch of GT-DRIVE+

In GT-SUITE v2018 we launched GT-DRIVE+, a next generation vehicle modeling framework that creates a streamlined workflow to quickly and easily generate results for vehicle performance, fuel consumption, emission, and energy management. This user-friendly tool aids vehicle simulation engineers in addressing the key challenges they face such as thermal management, real driving emissions, and the increasing vehicle complexity that comes with electrification.

With two user modes, GT-DRIVE+ supports the needs of both technical experts and end users. Technical experts are able to create vehicle components and architectures, and they can also pre-define simulation tasks and result plots or tables. In end user mode, engineers follow a user-friendly, step-by-step model builder, then analyze results using plots and tables pre-defined by the technical expert.

In v2019 we included additional enhancements, such as the ability to fully customize the vehicle builder. We also expanded the library of off-the-shelf electrified vehicle architectures so that early stage development will be as efficient as possible.

New Office in Pune, India

To better support the needs of our customers in India, we opened a new regional office in Pune. With a convenient location close to the airport, the office has provided an excellent opportunity to reach customers throughout the country. The location also hosts on-site trainings to help users get the most out of their GT-SUITE simulations.

We’re happy to see how quickly the office has grown, and we’re excited to continue collaborating directly with our customers in India.

6 Annual Conferences

Our annual global conferences brought together GT-SUITE users in Europe, North America, India, Japan, China, and South Korea. Attendees saw presentations from leading OEMs, suppliers, and consultants who shared how they were able to realize a product vision by using GT-SUITE.

These two-day events provided an excellent platform for the simulation community to develop their skills and network with other GT-SUITE users.  Every conference included trainings and seminars, as well as opportunities to meet or catch-up with other simulation engineers.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated and we hope to see you all at this year’s conferences!

What’s Ahead

While we’re happy that 2018 brought with it many significant developments, we’re looking at ways to further support the increasing needs of the industry’s engineers. Development of v2020 is underway and we’re excited for everyone to discover what’s in store in the years to come.

Most of all, we look forward to seeing the innovative products you design using GT-SUITE!